Flint Ridge Preforms


Each piece listed below has been spalled, heat-treated, and worked to its current form by Roy Miller.

While there are no guarantees, Roy works each piece to help ensure its suitability for knapping.


I believe that it's important to know what you're buying when purchasing top-quality Flint Ridge flint.


To that end, I have taken three pictures of each piece and combined them into one image - this should help the buyer determine the depth and range of color in a piece (as well as its size).

A three digit reference number is included on each photo to assist with ordering.

The price is marked on each piece.


Shipping charges will apply as follows:

1 piece - $3.00

2 - 3 pieces - $6.00

4 - 25 pieces - $13.00

More than 25 pieces - $17.00


Payment may be made via money order, personal check, or PayPal (PayPal preferred)


Please contact me with orders or questions via email at:


Each image below shows both sides and thickness of each piece

(Please hit "refresh" on your browser each time you visit to show currently available pieces)



Last updated 6:25 pm - July 28, 2014